Review – Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips

Check out the “Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips” book which is based on fat loss and exercises tips. Chubby baby looks good and lovable but that is the only stage in life when fat can look good on anybody’s body.We all know this but eating tasty food is divine pleasure and exercise is work lot of sweat. These two facts together add to weight gain and unwanted fat on body.Digestion is process of converting complex food to sugar level so that it can be absorbed in the blood and can be burned to produce energy. This energy is used for maintaining of our body temperature, for our activities and growth. As we constantly need energy to survive we have to eat at regular interval. The sugar, which is absorbed in amount excess of survival need is used for growth and building muscles. Sugar absorbed into blood beyond this gets converted in to fat and is stored in various tissues of body. This is body’s buffer stock but then sometimes this buffer stock rises very high and person becomes fat or obeseA fat person needs to burn out this fat and should avoid further deposition of such fat. There is nothing healthy about rapid weight loss.Certain methods like use of diuretics or starvation can show good reading on weighing scale but these are not correct means and the effects are reversed very quickly. Well planned diet and proper exercises is a key for good fitness. Good proper diet is necessary for good health. Diet should include proteins, modest quantity of carbohydrates and very low fat other than friendly fats like flax seed oil or Omega3 oils.Regular exercise is most important fat loss tip. A good fitness trainer can formulate exercise regime so that the deposition of fat on unwanted parts of body will burn out fast. Brisk walking, jogging, skipping ropes and other aerobic exercises can be considered as fat loss exercises. This will always produced desired results if done regularly. There will be lots of people to give guidance for fat loss tips and exercises but one should follow only those which have come from an expert.There is e-Book available on ‘amazon’ with title ‘Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips’ for very low price of $3.60.The book is edited by S. Mills. This book should be referred to for getting better results from your fat loss exercises.